Guide, transport, sell.

The most versatile robot on the market is capable of acting as a tour guide, transports users and can even incorporate means of payment to sell tickets, among other features.

Recognize your voice and listen to your orders

The PayThunder robot will recognize the order and follow you. Thanks to its highly resistant tyres it can travel by road and by irregular terrain.

This also incorporates a wizard that will interact with the user at all times.

Move wherever you want

This little robot will be your partner in addition to your transport, this minicompañero reaches the 18km/h in autobalance mode and 8km/h in follow-up.

It Has an autonomy of up to 35km of transport.

About US

Fully equipped

Intel RealSense ZR300 Camera.
IPX4 classified Protection.
Speed up to 18 km/h in autobalance mode and 8 km/h in follow-up mode.
Expansion Port.
Remote Control.
Touch Screen.

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PayThunder News

Paythunder develops modules for a multitasking robot

The technological firm Paythunder, located in the Technological Science Park Rabanales 21, has launched a robot that shares with its interactive holograms and virtual assistants the artificial intelligence modules developed by the brand itself and It is capable of performing different functions.

The Value of Technology

Francisco Javier Gómez is the visible head of PayThunder, one of the most reputed names in the Spanish start up scene, although that condition has become outdated at the speed with which the technological revolution and the company itself progresses. Attributes are not lacking.

I Technical Conference on BlockChain

The headquarters of the Cajasol Foundation in Cordoba hosted on Thursday 21 March a technical conference on Blockchain and its applications in business models of the hand of the consultancy Rurápolis and Cots Abogados. The appointment was inaugurated by the Government delegate in Córdoba…

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